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Mantronix – Selected Works Vol.1-3 Coverartwork by Spiv

By 22. März 2021Juli 6th, 2022Allgemein

Today I’ve got the pleasure to interrupt my daily graphics business to help an old scene mate. One of the most remarkable Computermusicans on Commodore Amiga Demoscene Martin Wall aka Mantronix (Martin Wall Music) will release his best tracks on Spotify and needed some cover artwork Vol 1, 2, 3
In case nobody would regconzie, the laser lines also marks the volume numbers.
Hej Martin, jag önskar er lycka till med det nya albumet. Många hälsningar från Leipzig till Malmö
spiv / infect.

Update 12.04.2021 – Martin Wall: Selected Works Vol- 1-3 now available:
Link to my Spotify Artist Page:
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