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2. September 2017 - INFECT 25 YEARS

How the hell those guys managed to survive 25 years of Partyship? all the latest photos here ...


INFECT 25YRS - Invitation Intro

Even Apple stole our smart idea for the 25 years Invitation Intro.



censored by YouTube for 12 years - now exclusive on Vimeo

About Infect / Über Infect

Die Amiga Demoscene Gruppe INFECT wurde im April 1992 gegründet und war auf dem Commodore Amiga, aber auch auf C64, PC, Playstation und anderen Systemen aktiv.

Neben bekannten Produktionen wie Dataworld, Exoticripper, Utility Dreams uvm. war und ist die Gruppe durch ihr „social demoscening“ seit 25 Jahren untereinander verwurzelt und dem andauernden festen Willen an die Weltherrschaft jedem Tag ein Stückchen näher.

Die bisweilen fast 30 jährige Freundschaft untereinander, der gemeinsame Syntax der Sprache und zusammen Erlebtes in regelmäßigen Meetings zu reflektieren, als das macht INFECT zu mehr als einer Amiga Demogruppe.

The Amiga Demoscene Group INFECT  was founded April 1992 and have been active on Commodore Amiga, but also C64, PC, Playstation and other systems.

Beside wellknown productions like Dataworld, Exoticripper, Utility Dreams – the group was and the benchmark for „social demoscening“ since 25 Years. Until 1992 enrooted to each other and the bright vision of total worldleadership, we stand united.

One voice – one syntax keeps us united, regular meetings keep the spirit – are this makes INFECT, more than a Amiga demogroup.

























By Allgemein
IFT - Omicron (.exe) Version/ Variant Beta B.1.1.529 Download the OMICRON B1.1.529 Intro (Win / PC ) here: IFT-omicron.exe 1 Datei(en) 336.10 KB Download
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Mantronix – Infinity EP Coverdesigns by Spiv

By Allgemein
Yet again I had the pleasure to do some cover artwork aswell as some promotion video stuff for Martin Wall aka Mantronix. ----- Hej Martin, jag önskar er lycka till med det nya albumet. Många hälsningar från Leipzig till Malmö spiv / infect. Link to my Spotify Artist Page:
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INFECT Bootblock Wave – HTML Version

By Allgemein
For marley's 51th Birthday - belated greeting with a HTML / Javascript Version of his legendary Amiga Sine Wave Bootblock. The code is done using CODEF Javascript Libary. INFECT BOOTBLOCK Wave - HTML / Javascript / CODEF Version 0.01 by spiv - here original version 1992 by marley / infect.
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By Allgemein
Turbo / Infect 50 Jahre ! - Erfinder des ExoticRipper ... Wir verneigen uns vor Dir. 50 years Birthday Intro for Turbo / Infect - godfather of Exotic Ripper. The date in the intro is wrong. Birthday is 25.07.2021 - but Intro was already compiled and captured .... Download the...
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By Allgemein
Wir haben keine Worte - nur Danke Ernie ! Du warst immer ein stiller Infect Member und doch so wichtig ! Wir danken Dir und gratulieren zum 50. Geburtstag. In einem kleinen Intro (PC exe) überbringen wir Dir Grüsse ... UND EINEN BEHERZTEN SCHL.... ehmm Grüsse. Download the ERNIE 50YRS...
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Beathoven / Infect – aka Sonic Range comes up with a 80ths style music EP

By Allgemein
Beathoven / Infect - aka Sonic Range comes up with a 80ths style music EP: Voller Freude darf ich verkünden, dass heute meine #Synthwave-EP „Level Up“ erschienen ist. Da steckt eine ganze Menge Herzblut drin: Darüber hinaus hat Bots Records heute Morgen #Videos zu den #Tracks auf #YouTube bereitgestellt....
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INFECT – Endmonster 2005 – Remastered

By Allgemein
INFECT - Endmonster - Remastered Full HD (1920x1080 @ 60 FPS) recapture (c= 05.05.05 by spiv / Infect. Music: manson, huelsbeck, hubbard info: as this demo was made with flash, which will be deprecated by 12/2020, we will have this final recording is best avaible quatity at this time is...
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INFECT – YouTubeChannel URL

By Allgemein
Thanks to everyone in the #demoscene who pushed our Youtube Account to more than 100 subscribers. This enables us to set a unique name which is: SMT is currently working on some SID remixes - stay tuned!
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INFECT – The Amiga Song – official Music Video – final cut

By Allgemein
Release Day INFECT - THE AMIGA SONG - official Musicvideo - final cut Lyrics / Vocals / Performed: Buckly Music: Beathoven Video: Spiv Subtitles in german and english There is also a Version on Youtube: Dont miss our website at: INFECT - THERE´S NO MEDICINE AGAINST (c) 1992-2020.
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Infect – Amiga Song – Preview Trailer

By Allgemein
Its right we are working on a christmas gift this year. We made a small introducing trailer to this masterpiece coming up (and we are not telling about your penis) ... So get ready for the new shit - in case you thought INFECT is dead .... Infect - AMIGA...
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Cracktro – Red Dead Redemption 2

By Allgemein
After some years of silence, Infect presents some new stuff in 2019. This time a PC Cracktro by: Code: Spiv, Epyx, MPZ Music: Rudolf Stember - (1990) - C64 chiptune from the game Wobbler GFX: Spiv Watch the Intro on youtube here: Or Download PC exe here (tested with...
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YouTube – Update 27.07.2019

By Allgemein
YouTube Channel Big Update: All captured and remastered in FullHD: Defecation 00 (Defecation was a Packdisc Series by Deffpaccers, planed to be continued by Infect but then renamed to Wet Dreams). This is the internal release of the menu.  Released: 1992 Wet Dreams 2 (Spring 1992) Wet Dreams 8 (09/1992)...
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INFECT YouTube Channel

By Allgemein

Wir bauen gerade unseren YouTube Kanal aus. Ziel ist alle Produktionen (inkl. Deffpaccers, Paranoid, Cruelty, Mad Sorcerers) in best möglicher Qualität zu capturen und für die Ewigkeit zu konservieren. Wer sich beteiligen möchte -> Kontakt Spiv Ansonsten sind Follower natürlich immer willkommen. We recently build up our YouTube Channel…

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Amiga Emulator in Browser / Infect Productions at

By Allgemein erlaubt nun Amiga Software direkt im Browser zu emulieren! Ein paar unserer Produktionen sind sogar schon vertreten: now has original Amiga Software emulated in Browser ! Check out some of our productions listed here:

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† RIP † Ninja/DCS

By AllgemeinNo Comments

As I heard today, Ninja / DCS (Dual Crew / Shining) had passed away just some time ago. He was talented pixel artist who also supported major INFECT releases with fontsets and graphics.  † Ninja unfortunately passed away on 20.9.2016 

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Dataworld 2

27. Dezember 1996

Dataworld 1

27. Dezember 1995

Hopefully – A Rock-Tro by Infect

2. Februar 1995

Welcome To Party! – Noisetro

21. Januar 1995

Do You Believe 2 Disc BBS Intro

5. November 1994

40K – Trackmo by Blackraven

10. August 1994

Associate of Arts Infect Ireland

11. Juni 1994

Ooops Intro by Black Raven

11. Juni 1994

Harmagedon – INFECT Sweden

27. Dezember 1993

BBS Intro – INFECT Sweden

16. Dezember 1993

Ordeal 40K Intro Leipzig

11. Oktober 1993

Eternity by SMT

10. Oktober 1993

Equation by Infect Sweden

5. August 1993

Utility Dream 30-62 – Pack

10. Juni 1993


10. Mai 1993

ExoticRipper 2.14 – Intro

28. April 1993


24. April 1993

Partybox – Infect / TRSI / AF

10. April 1993

Dancing with Eggs

1. April 1993

ExoticRipper 2.10 – Intro

28. März 1993

Blutblock Bootblock

4. März 1993

Prison BBS Intro

10. Februar 1993

Flashback – Cracktro

27. Dezember 1992

Helter Skelter 2

26. November 1992

Trainer (#03 ) by Coach

10. Juni 1992

Wave Bootblock

4. Juni 1992

Monkey Island 2 – Cracktro

23. Mai 1992

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